6 Vital Apps If You’re New To Chicago

The following apps will help you live conveniently.


This app can be used by those using cars, bicycles, and motorcycles to navigate the city of Chicago. It gives you the best routes to take and shows you the possible ride-sharing options available in your location. You’ll be able to select a ride using the best fare rates that the app also shows as well as the possible amount you’ll spend on gas.

Meter Beaters

Mobile Phone

One of the most frustrating things is to try to find parking space when you’re running late. You may be in a hurry to get inside a building but still have to spend more time going around trying to find space. Meter Beaters will help you locate an open spot before you get to your destination. Other users can chime in and report any open parking spaces that are around the area.


Having something delivered to you fast is great. However, you may have a fast delivery with this app. It allows you to choose food and have it delivered within the shortest time possible. Read More at timeout.com


Finding an apartment can be hectic but with PadMapper it is easier.the app helps you find an apartment by using your criteria to compare options across different platforms. It is known for its accuracy and will help you locate a suitable apartment sooner.



Chicago has some of the most sensitive cameras that monitor your speed. If you want an app that constantly reminds you of your speed then Waze is the one. The app also shows you where all the camera is located thereby helping you avoid a ticket.


If you have a dog in Chicago you may need to walk it around as a way of exercising. However given how busy life in the city is, you may find it hard to walk your dog in peace. This app helps you overcome that problem by helping you find someone to walk the dog for you. The app has a GPS tracking feature that lets you track their movement.

Saving Animals Means Saving the Next Generations

In the world that we live in today, there are times when we feel troubled. We are caught in a situation that oftentimes results in situations that damage us. Sometimes, we can get out of these situations and move forward. But there are also times when such situations damage us for good. Sad but true. What more is that such problems are not only prevalent in humans but to animals as well.

If you are observant on news with regards to the happenings to the wildlife around the world, you’d know that not only once was it mentioned that there are many endangered species nowadays that are nearing their extinction. This is caused by many factors which include the devastation of their habitat. Also, there are animal species that are continuously being hunted by humans due to the benefits they bring. Whether they are believed to be a good food source or can heal diseases, they are hunted until their numbers are depleted. People also do this as their source of fun wherein they make a trophy out of the animals they are able to catch. That is the gravity of the situation many animal species are facing today.

It is just good that there are those who care enough to provide an intervention. They help save animals by temporarily giving them a sanctuary. In this sanctuary, they are given the chance to heal. Just in case they are deemed able to come back to their own habitat, they are freed back to wherever they came from. They are also assisted when it comes to propagation so that their species won’t become extinct. What more is that they are given the love and care they deserve.

Many people probably would disagree when we claim here that these animals need care too. They would claim that wildlife is meant to live according to how nature perceive they should live. While this is true, like us humans, these animals need assistance too. There may be good times for them to live there, but there are bad times too. This is most especially when human interventions and climate change enter the picture. Imagine the next generation without these animals species. Imagine other animals which take them as a food source. Not a good picture, isn’t it? This will result in a domino effect in terms of the food chain and the circle of life. There will be a great imbalance which would upset the nature. Time will come when even humans would be affected and this is what we do not want to happen.

We understand your concerns when it comes to keeping animals in the sanctuary. This is why our organization aims to protect their well-being as well. We set the standards in how they these animals are kept and cared for. Aside from that, we also ensure that the self-interest of people is not fed by keeping them in custody. We do not simply stay inside our garage door in Henderson, we come to visit these sanctuary first hand. We know that nothing beats close monitoring when it comes to ensuring the safety and security of these animals.

Join us in ensuring that our beloved animal species are well-cared for in their sanctuary. Follow us here at this website.