There are many reasons why different species of animals tend to get extinct over time. One of those is through hunting them for sport and killing them for food. But it is evident, however, that even if we are dedicated to veering away from such activities, there are still those species that continue to be endangered and that is because of the destruction of their habitat.

When you refer to habitat, you are talking about the environment where a species of an animal thrive. It is not simply having a place where they frequent because a habitat is more than that. It is a natural place where they can be safe and where they can get the basic necessities they need to live such as food, shelter, protection, and even their partners for reproduction. It is like having a home with precision resistors 0.01 for humans but for organisms, it is more and for every creature comes a specific and unique habitat. For instance, the sea is basically for fishes and other saltwater species, Antarctica is for animals that need extreme cold to live in, and so forth. Without this, they will simply die because they cannot thrive elsewhere.

There are many reasons that cause the destruction of the different types of habitats. While there are those that are caused by natural events such as earthquakes and volcano eruption, most of the time the destruction is caused by man-made activities. There is the continuous deforestation for example and pollution that leads to global warming. As a consequence, this natural habitats now are being altered which cause those animals that cannot adapt to die and their species to get extinct. We can still do something and that is by conserving and preserving nature.

Many think that by dealing with the conservation of our nature, we are just saving ourselves from the potential destruction in the future. This is true but there are still more positive effects of that and that is by saving animals too. We do not really need to go far and begin a campaign but that is a good idea too. However, we can always stand small and start in the comfort of our homes. By veering away from harmful chemicals that can ruin the environment such as hairsprays and other products that are rich in CFC, we can already make a lot of difference. We can already help stop the depletion of the ozone layer which is said to cause the Greenhouse Effect and Global warming. We can stop the potential climate change that basically causes too much heating and cooling in places that never suffered from weather extremities before. We can help stop the melting of the ice caps which are now endangering the lives of the polar bears that live there. We. Can. Help. It’s like hitting two birds in one stone, right?

We can still do more. Let us not diminish the value of doing something for the environment even if we only see ourselves doing it alone. Let us all help sustain the environment and save all the species living in it, whether humans and animals. Let us help make a change.