Animal protection is commonly defined as the prevention, mitigation, or eradication of human-caused harm to animals. Three categories can be used to categorize animal protection: Initiatives to safeguard and enable wild animals to survive and develop in their native environments are known as “wild animal protection measures.” Legislation and advocacy efforts for the welfare of […]

Keeping Animals Safe

Educating about animal safety Children must be taught that animals are not persons. Here are some general guidelines for keeping pets safe so that people of all ages can appreciate them: Make use of your awareness by taking note of the animals in your environment. Utilize your intellect by learning about many animal species. The […]

Safety in Animal Handling

Few farmers consider their cattle to be a threat. But each year, several fatalities and major injuries are caused by animal-related incidents. In terms of injuries per hour of labor, a recent National Safety Council study placed dairy operations first and beef cattle farm second. Animals were implicated in 17% of all farm injuries. This […]

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