How to make A Fb Page Tab Application with Kentico CMS

<span title="H" class="cenote-drop-cap">H</span>ow to make A Fb Page Tab Application with Kentico CMS

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On this page I will walk you through generating an innovative new Page Tab application in myspace making use of any current Kentico CMS website web page. Truly shockingly easy ideas on how to do this once you understand one particular secret. But a lot more about that subsequently in this article. The concept the following is that individuals can leverage the reality that your Kentico CMS internet site can easily be stretched to host pages or apps “inside” of Twitter.

In the event you do not know exactly what a fb Page loss software are, i’d inspire you to definitely read more about this on Twitter’s developer documents. Fundamentally a typical page case application is one of the smaller box, or tabs, that show up on any Twitter Page.

More on-line internet marketers arrange their particular brand’s fb Page to own personalized tabs that showcase a brand’s items a service, or use customized tabs to create mini solutions that provide motivation to myspace consumers to aˆ?Likeaˆ? the page or brand name. These tabs are really simply simply iframe details to an html webpage that can be hosted anyplace. Especially maybe not hosted on fb by itself.

I’m offering an entire walk-through on how best to produce this answer under. But when you need to jump to the end result and watch what on earth after all, it is possible to browse to my own Mcbeev Page on Facebook and then click from the join webpage case App. It is exactly what the audience is developing during the complete sample.


One pre-requisite is you needs the Kentico CMS internet site to-be accessible via https and just have a correct appropriate SSL certificate on website. SSL is not a Kentico need, but rather really a Facebook requirement that arrived to put about last year. Twitter provides set the leg down that all webpage loss software want to served over a safe Address through the https method. There isn’t a lot we are able to about that.

Up after that you will need usage of CMSDesk generate another document inside the Content forest, edit website’s web page Templates, perhaps accessibility revise your own CSS data via CMSSiteManager, last but not least you need immediate access to your web.config document from the root of your Kentico installation. When you yourself have all of this created, other process try a piece of cake. Oh, not to mention it is important to posses a current fb webpage and then have developer the means to access it. Without having one, you can find out how to create a Facebook Page on a post We generated this past year whenever I talked about auto publishing from Kentico CMS to fb.

Make Your Content

Step one should produce the page within Kentico CMS internet site you want showing on the Facebook Page loss application. To do so, build a typical page anyplace for you web site, and select an original webpage layout, or write a Page Template for the latest page.

Including, we developed a webpage at reason behind my personal web site and named it “FB-Follow”. a wiser place in this content forest might be in a folder that is create to arrange their landing content. It doesn’t really matter where as very long because it’s into the Tree. The webpage can include any content material you want. Inside instance i’m making use of simply Newsletter Subscribe field and a repeater to show my latest blog posts. One of the keys idea though is that the webpage layout cannot meet or exceed 810px in width. This suits the fb tips for producing webpage case programs. It will continue to work if design of this page try greater than 810px, but you’ll see a frustrating horizontal scroll bar.

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