The relationship I’m during the now looks very nice thus far, and he are good libra sunrays + venus

<span title="T" class="cenote-drop-cap">T</span>he relationship I’m during the now looks very nice thus far, and he are good libra sunrays + venus

.. do not have venus-pluto, however, their venus conjunct my personal sunshine. He produces myself feel at ease with him, give you understand how libras might be on terminology:P I just act naive such as for example I think what you according to him haha I had so much saturn that people are probably likely to stick along with her anyways!:P

I always attention Sco Venus boys(even though they truly are homosexual haha)

quote: Originally printed by Gabby: If they can come across good Pluto conjunct Venus individual. that appears to be a great fit.

An alternative choice might be a global Leo dictate. Yes I am aware he is square cues, never take me personally, but square cues blend yin and you can yang. And feature me good Leo sunlight, ascendant, moon, merc, Venus otherwise mars this is not passionate and you may loyal into the people they really loves. I do believe of Leo and you can Scorpio along with her because an energy couple, of course.

quote: Originally published by the Freesia: Most readily useful suits to male Venus in the Scorpio could well be a woman with her Sunshine or Moonlight when you look at the trine/Sextile/conjunction along with his Venus

I am Scorpio and you will You will find old a few Leos. new support and pleasure is obviously attractive, and perhaps there are numerous people whom very make this really works (non-debilitated Hefty Sunlight dictate into the Scorp, perhaps particularly a sunshine-Venus/Sun-Jupiter style of . or a really plutonian-Sun Leo) however, physically I discovered that pride-centric and you may pride sustaining nature in the Leo got in the way of all the ego transcending and you may ego give up I needed to create (sunshine conjunct pluto + pisces moon, so there ya go!)

I truly liked my last experience of a great Virgo Venus, however, their Venus retrograde try a large and you may some malicious obstacle thus i manage warning individuals providing associated with boys with this placement.

Cancer Venus was also icky personally, Taurus sometime slow rather than as the roaringly passionate when i such as for example either.

Aries Venus try adventurous enough to have Scorp Venus, but men and women short crushes definitely produce Scorp jealousy thus that’s difficult. Pisces Venus is really most sweet, however, will have to deliver the loyalty and you can fidelity which is therefore vital so you can Scorp Venus.

Capricorn are greatest, but my personal past Cap Venus old boyfriend (Rx again!) is actually way too thinness obsessed getting my personal admiration, and i also called for Tinder vs Hinge cost someone who you are going to delight in my Scorpio booty! Cover is also some time materialistic situated, while Scorpio is a little regarding an effective possessive managing strong undercurrent out of like give-up.

quote: In the first place printed because of the pocaloca: What if they discover Venus rectangular Pluto chicka-booh precious Gabby ..can also be that really work also?

Dating an enthusiastic Aquarius Venus was an extremely scary experience 😛 Those two do not mesh

Hahah. which is adorable! Yes I would personally believe could work and additionally, it might take an older Pluto sq Venus person, person who spent some time working from the kinks a while involving the rectangular but scorpio Venus loves problems so it probably will not bother these to far in the event your body is some time complicated.

quote: To begin with published from the jjj: I’m you to definitely and i was curious to know that along with. nevertheless never understand answer HAHA.Some other Venus for the Scorpio didnt work for myself. Cancer/Pisces venus men neither. as well soft and you may unmanly. neither Taurus venus. also dull and you will persistent. I will be really keen on Aries Venus males. He’s got brand new Mars passion and never terrifically boring! But there is however an abundance of antagonism between 2 martian Venuses.

We probably shouldnt tell they to a great libra, however, this person had a libra stellium (SN in libra as well) and Scorpio venus. Their libra characteristics didnt match my Scorpio stellium, possibly this is the reason. one more reason is the fact getting therefore clingy and you may serious and you will jealous me personally We do not this way in men . He was extremely clingy such a female.

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