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It is sad that we always forget that animals are like humans do. Yes, they are not given the ability to speak and to express themselves but even then they all have their own minds too. They are meant to survive like us. This is why it is a good thing that there are those people who care for them. There are those who are willing to take them into a sanctuary that would bring more good to them. This is most especially when they are suffering from illnesses and man-made wounds. There are those people and even animals specialists who are willing to care for them so that their species won’t be extinct. This is not only good to maintain the balance in nature but also for the generations to come.

However, even if these sanctuaries mean good, there are times when I knowingly they are doing something that would do more harm than good to the animals. And this cases, our organization is present to ensure that they are compliant in how a good sanctuary should be. We are a nonprofit organization that ensures the quality of every sanctuary being put up. We ensure that it is always the well-being of the animals these sanctuaries care for that are always on top priority. We make sure that they are always in the safest condition that would help them get back to their feet. And we see to it that the self-interest of the people manage this sanctuary won’t come before the safety of this animal species.

We are in this fight for over a decade already. So far we have been successful with our watch. We have already assisted so many sanctuaries to be compliant to the laws set for them to abide, and we will continue to do so. We are going to be your champions in fighting for the animals’ rights.

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