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This photo page will help you reach out to other members of this organization. Here you can know more about us, our advocacy, and our activities that help with the preservation of our animal species.


“What I like about this organization is that a spare no time nor the resources in ensuring that the animals the sanctuaries shelter are well taken care of. They are always on top of the business. This is why I dislike sanctuaries no more. Are usually don’t like those artificial animal homes. This is because I think of them as an excuse to cage the animals from their habitat. However, this organization proved otherwise. They showed us the real function of sanctuaries through this website. Knowing that there are people who are in the look out of our animal species makes me a really comfortable with the sanctuaries.”


“You are right on that one, @Marco. We have the same stand on the matter. I really dislike sanctuaries before because I thought they just pretend to be one. This organization, however, taught me otherwise. They showed how sanctuaries operate and made people more passionate about them. As a result, people now started supporting these sanctuaries because they know that there is an organization that helps keep them on their toes. Animals now benefit from this partnership.”


“I visited one of the sanctuaries in Arizona. This also serves as a zoo, especially to the young kids. Here you can see different animal species. But I can say about this is that I am really glad that such places exist. They help children know more about animals and be closer to them. It is a good thing all so that this organization helps them in establishing a good quality of service. Not only this would give them more sponsors that would benefit the animals as well, but it would also open doors so that there would be other organizations that would invest in them.”

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