Animal protection is commonly defined as the prevention, mitigation, or eradication of human-caused harm to animals. Three categories can be used to categorize animal protection:

Initiatives to safeguard and enable wild animals to survive and develop in their native environments are known as “wild animal protection measures.”
Legislation and advocacy efforts for the welfare of animals used for farming, research, or as companion animals
Animal freedom from all forms of human usage is a goal of animal rights activism.
This article will concentrate on animal welfare and wild animal protection because these are the areas where legislation is typically passed.


Animals should be safeguarded since science shows that they are more sensitive, conscious, and intelligent than was previously thought in countries like the US. A change in procedures is long needed, given that animals are likely aware of the mistreatment they endure during laboratory tests or in facilities like factory farms.

Additionally, animals are essential to the ecosystems and biospheres that support human life on Earth. Protecting animals will ensure the survival of all species, including homo sapiens, as well as the oceans, forests, and grasslands they call home.


Whether through grassroots activism, interacting with businesses to keep them accountable, or pleading with government authorities to pass protective laws, animal protection may be pretty successful. Over the years, the Humane League has won a lot of triumphs for animals. Here are a few instances of how protecting animals can prevent abuses against millions of living things:

The egg-laying hens at Walmart, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Costco will no longer be caged, including in battery cages, which leads to numerous welfare breaches.
Aramark and Compass Group implemented strategies to improve the living conditions for chickens, lower stocking densities, and enhance welfare during slaughter.
Starbucks, a well-known coffee company, committed to implementing regulations that would provide chickens with more excellent room and less painful means of slaughter.

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